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After covid, the word revenue has taken on a new meaning in the hotel industry. Surviving inside your market segment is no longer enough. To win in todays market you have to make the demand and take the demand!


Most times hotel investors, owners and management companies need a lot more than Q&A. That is why they come to us. We not only cover operations and quality assurance during our audit. We also uncover why your property may be experiencing revenue loss issues as well. When you need more than just basics, our hotel Mystery Shopping Service will get you all the answers you’re missing and more. Get real answers, for real questions, for real problems!

Hotel Task Force Services

No matter if you’re an owner, a management company, or investor. Even the best will get blindsided by the loss of a key manager, which can cause serious issues for your operation. Let us handle and resolve these problems for you. We’ll crush the excuses and provide revenue generating solutions. You have that gut feeling that something is wrong with your revenue numbers or you know your hotel should be doing much better. Follow your gut and give us a call!

Increase Your Review by 100%+

Txt Guest takes your hotel guest services to the next level. Are you tired of using those old Trip Advisor cards to get hotel reviews? Tired of making room check calls? Tired of not being able to tell which customer had a bad experience before they leave a hotel review? Or even worse, losing revenue to Online Travel Agents from a guest that’s already in-house. We all know the problems, TxtGuest is the solution. Get all the answers you need with no upfront out of pocket cost for your hotel.

Give Your Housekeepers A Free Raise

Give your Housekeepers a raise that doesn’t cost the hotel anything in cash or employer payroll taxes!  The number one reason for high employee turnover in hotels is “low wages” and/or under “appreciation”. “We Tip Hotels” solves both problems. Employees get paid the money they deserve and feel appreciated knowing that management is taking the necessary steps to satisfy their financial needs.

Increase Hotel Revenue with Youtube

1. Youtube Promotes Your Hotel Youtube Channel For Free – When you put your hotel marketing video on youtube you’ll be taking your hotel marketing strategy to the next level. Youtube Promotes your hotel for you with their Browse Feature, suggested videos and your hotel marketing video can even come up in Google Search!
2. Guest are searching for your hotel Youtube videos and your hotels Youtube Channel on Youtube – Here’s some hotel marketing ideas. How about putting your hotel marketing video on a platform that your guest not only want to see your “youtube hotel videos”, but they are searching for your hotel marketing videos
3. Guest Don’t Trust Listing Photo’s – Most guest have been fooled too many times by hotel listing pictures and want to see the real thing with video content.

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For hotel revenue, their are two main key hotel KPI's that drive more revenue. Digital Image and the Heart of the House. We have mastered both.

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